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Pay for 22 motor order diagrams for Copter wiki (again) [Approved]

(rmackay9) #21

Here’s a mockup page with the new 2D images ready to go (I think). All feedback welcome!

EDIT: I can provide a link to those who want to see the original images.

(Fnoop) #22

Looks fantastic, great job. Thanks :slight_smile:

(rmackay9) #23

The diagrams are live now, thanks!

(Fnoop) #24

Are the source vector files available anywhere?

(rmackay9) #25


Yes, I’ve put them here:

(Fnoop) #26

Hey @rmackay9 thanks for posting those files. The .eps files seem to be exported curves rather than the original artwork, so they won’t be useful for updating, altering etc in any way - eg. extending to other vehicle types. Is it possible to get the original artwork, which would normally be something like .ai (Illustrator), .xcf (gimp) or .afdesign (Affinity Designer)?

(Olivier Brousse) #27

I opened some with inkscape on Linux and Illustrator on windows and the eps files I tried (didn’t check all) could open fine allowing for manipulation of individual vector objects. Perhaps the program you are you using?

(Fnoop) #28

Yes but do you have the vectors layered or grouped properly? If I open eg. the Dodeca Hexa, I see a thousand vector curves in no particular order, no layers, no text (just point curves exported from original text glyphs). This doesn’t look like original artwork, but exported flattened vectors - like generated assembler instead of the original .c file :slight_smile:

I’m using Affinity Designer, perhaps it’s just not importing the .eps properly, but what I see isn’t maintainable artwork. The designer presumably has illustrator (or whatever software was used) files that they could give us.