Passing trough PWN values with Pixhawk

Hey, I would like to use a 3-way switch on a radio, for example, like on the Taranis x9d.

So let’s assume I have a switch that’s connected to channel 5 on the radio and has 3 PWN values (LOW, NEUTRAL, HIGH), how do I pass these PWN values to an AUX pin on the Pixhawk? let’s say, RC9.

From what I’ve read, in order to enable passthrough, the PWM has to be 1800 micro-sec.

Any suggestions?

Main goal:

The 3 PWN values need to be analyzed by an Arduino Nano . When the PWN value is LOW , the Arduino will drive a DC motor counterclockwise.
When the value is neutral, the motor won’t spin. When the PWM value will be HIGH , the motor will spin clockwise.

Maybe there is a simpler way to do the following, would love to a different solution.


Configure the radio to do as you require and then set the servo output type to RCPassThru. It should do exactly what your after.



This is very simple. Setup the channel 5 weight of a 3 position switch on the X9D to produce those PWM values then set the SERVO9_FUNCTION to 55 to output on Aux channel 1.

Note: Chan 5 is the default channel in Arducopter for flight modes.

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