Parrot Disco game pad control engine not spinning

I have tried Mission Planner, APM planner, Qgroundcontrol

None of these will let me start the motor on the parrot disco

Im running arduplane 3.8.0 and I can communicate using UDP with all ground station

I am trying to control the parrot disco using gamepad / joystick and It simply will not power on. servos dont move and motor doesnt spin. WHY WHY WHY?

please help I have spent so much time trying to make this work with no luck

thank you

@Wieland, Can you give more details?
What OS are you using? Window / OS?, what are you using for telemetry comms? RFD900? / 3DR radios? In your other post you say you have tried MP, AMP2 , and QGround Control? What versions/builds?

Have you followed the joystick/gamepad wiki?

I am using Pixhawk Rover with latest build ( v3.0.1), MP latest build (1.3.41 build 1.1.6110.31287). I can connect the MP to the Pixhawk, telemetry is accurate and functions, I can open the Joystick settings window and change the settings, mapping the rudder and throttle, also mapping/setting the mode change buttons. As soon as I hit enable the output bars freeze and the joystick does not engage with the boat. Once I disable the Joystick the output bars become responsive to the Joystick.

The other point to note is that MP does not save the joystick settings. If I close the joystick window and reopen or close MP and reboot MP all of the joystick settings as lost.

So if you are having the same problem with Arduplane and I am using Ardurover this could be a problem with MP but as you are using other GCS’s this is confusing.

Is anyone else using a Joystick or game pad?



Possibly the preflight checks failed.
Please check the messages tab in your APM planner soft.
Some of them can be disabled, at least for testing purposes:
After that, clicking the ARM button on the Actions tab should work.
After that shaking the drone should initiate the motor propeller.

@Wieland, Try to use
for Linux. Then connect via wifi to UDP
You can use a USB joystick, gamepad, or virtual joystick.
If the Parrot Disco is armed, it should spin.
You will also need to supply custom parameters, for example from here:
These should be loaded into qgroundcontrol as well as placed on the Parrot Disco internal storage via ftp in the ardupilot directory.