Parrot disco Arduplane arming and flying help can't get it to spin

I have a parrot disco and it’s running arduplane

I want to fly it using game pad. On my ground station I can arm it but it does not respond to throttle or anything and the motor and servos don’t move

I think it has something to do because it’s not accepting RC override command

Is there a way I can get into the config file and make a change to allow that command so I can fly it ?

I would so greatly appreciate the help I’ve been trying and trying to get it to work and I’m at a dead end with it I need someone with arduplane experience to tell me how.

@Wieland, what ground station are you using? APM Planner 2 doesn’t seem to support Parrot Disco throttling with joystick connected to your laptop well, but QGroundControl works, throttle works in manual and stabilized, assisted fly-by-wire modes, as well as by using the virtual joysticks for the on-screen version on the phone.
Also, check my answer here: