Parrot Bebop Make/Build Error


I am trying to get the Bebop up and running with ArduCopter, but one step is giving me issues. I have been following along with the ArduPilot instructions for building it on Linux here:

I have successfully updated the firmware on the Bebop to be compatible with ArduPilot and am now attempting to build ArduCopter for the Bebop. I am working with the original Bebop. I installed the armhf toolchain, installed git, and cloned the ardupilot repository. I have been following the steps to build the flight control hardware as if I would build it for the Pixhawk ( After changing the directory to the ArduCopter folder in the git repository, I attempt to build it specifically for the Bebop by using the command make bebop but get an error that says: “make: *** No rule to make target ‘bebop’. Stop.” When I look in the Makefile in the git repository, I cannot find a target which will allow me to create the flight control firmware specifically for the Bebop.

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this or has a possible solution? I’m still learning Unix and am new to how the make command and Makefile work so if seems like an issue with either of those, I would love any insight that you have.

Thank you,
If you have installed all the dependencies etc, and it doesn’t work for some reason, try waf
Then put an issue in GitHub please.

Update: read modified guide here (it hasn’t been merged to go live yet - feedback would be great)
— now merged. Thanks Tom.