Parameters, for a two-engine boat,

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I am trying to build a boat with two engines with Pixhawk plate. I have downloaded the Ardurover Firmware 3.4.2. I find that the parameters have changed with respect to previous versions.
Can you tell me new parameters for a boat?
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So this sounds like a skid-steering vehicle and the servo output setup is described here. It’s a good idea to use MP’s motor test feature to ensure the motors are moving in the proper direction. This test is described at the bottom of the linked page.

There’s a little more about setting up boats here.

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In the new parameters I can not find: STEER2SRV_P and SPEED_TURN_GAIN.
It is for skid-steering vehicle.
Forgive me for my clumsiness and my bad language.


No problems. We’ve largely rewritten the steering and speed controls so you’ll find the equivalent of the STER2SRV_P is ATC_STR_RAT_*. We have a wiki page here with advice on tuning (including a video). The ATC_STR_RAT_FF is by far, without doubt, the most important parameter to get right so I highly recommend starting with this parameter. If you get that parameter right, it is likely to steer pretty well.

There’s no SPEED_TURN_GAIN anymore, because “lane based speed control” has been introduced which slows the vehicle as it approaches waypoints or gets too far off the line between waypoints. It depends mostly on the TURN_MAX_G parameter. The default is about 0.6 but most vehicles are much lower - down around 0.3.

Thanks, I will try the configuration of parameters. thanks for your help

Hi .
And forgive my poor language.
Some help will be well received.
I try to configure a two-engine boat, and I find myself with the following problems:
I use PIXHAWK 2.4.8.
Graupner MX20 transmitter with Rx GR24.
SUMO channel 8 activation.
Right motor OUTPUT 3
Left motor OUTPUT 1
Channel 8 of the RX connected to RCIN.
3.4.2 FIRMWARE Rover.
I have activated Skid Steering: SERVO1_FUNCTION = 73 (Throttle Left) and SERVO3_FUNCTION = 74 (Throttle Right)
and other configurations.
The problem is that in Mission planner, in calibration station, the sticks stick if they move in the graphics, but the motors do not rotate. I give the Pixhawk armed switch, Esc stops beeping, but engines do not work …
I look and I do not find much information about Graupner MX2O and GR 24, about this problem. Help
Thank you

RCMAP : pich 2 , roll 1 , throttle 3 , yaw 4

Hi .
Can you tell me how to get the faults, to know why Pixhawk does not allow to arm?

Hi .
After studying and breaking my head during these months, yesterday I started to swim my boat, and everything was a success.
Thank you for the support and help that you have given me.
Thanks again .