Parameter file for Logo 400 with Pixhawk and v3.2

Please let me know what you think of my Logo 400 parameter settings.

If you like them then please use them with care. If you see any problems then please let us all know.

My rudder continues to be a problem. I have now set the following parameters and I still get oscillations as well as “spring-back”. By this I mean that the tail moves to a point and when I centre the control it moves back in the opposite direction a little. I believe that the tail servo is very quick and I am using carbon fibre blades so the blade system is very stiff and the control is very fast so I would expect to need lower values for P but I’m not sure on I and D. I also have FF invoked so it is too complicated to guess.

I have also found that the standard throttle settings create severe oscillations in alt-hold so I have had to half these to get stop this. I may have however reduce the effectiveness of the pitch setting in changing altitude while in alt-hold mode. If I move my stick out of the dead band range I get some change but its not very effective.

In an attempt to try and build a standard parameter file for others to start with I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in anticipation.

Here is my latest parameter file.

For your information, I’m flying a stock Mikado Logo 400 with Edge carbon main (425mm) and tail blades (70mm). Futaba digital mini servos - S9650 and S9257 on tail - 6203SB Rx and a Pixhawk with v3.2. Battery is a MaxAmps 6000XL 4S and motor is a Hacker A40-12S.

Try changing your RATE YAW P to about .15 and your RATE YAW I to around .25 and see if you get a different type of behavior in the tail. Your Yaw P and I numbers are both very low.
David R. Boulanger

I’ve worked on the parameters some more and I think I am now closer to having a good set up.

Redid the yaw control from scratch. Also alt-hold is now good after having a slight oscillation previously. Loiter looks pretty good.