Parameter compatibility

Good day ,

Just want to check if the parameter file exporter on a Holybro Pixhawk 4 mini will work a on Holybro
Pixhawk 4 Full , firmware version on both is 4.0.7

That’s a bad idea. In fact loading a parameter file back on in general is a bad idea; they are best used for archiving or changing parameters manually.

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ok so best is to manually do all Parameters on the Pixhawk 4 from the Pixhawk 4 mini parameters . Will all the Parameter be the same though and if any missing how do I add them ?

Do not copy parameters between different HW. Do a full setup and even a tune !
Copy parameters only between identical HW.

Thanks noted , if I find Parameter missing when I do the setup How do I had it , still n noob on this and learning alot .

On MP you have a Compare Params button, which you can use. Of course, you should not copy hw related parameters, but you can copy, for example, PID related ones.