Parameter change failed

Hi all,

I have just loaded 4.15 onto a cube orange. Im getting an unusual error.

Using the USB link without the aircraft powered i can change parameters no problems.

When powered, it doesnt like to connect via USB. But not only that, when using a RF900 to establish a connection. It downloads all parameters, but when i go to change anything it says parameter change failed!

Yet when i do a parameter refresh it was actually updated.

I think this is stopping me from running a lua script also.

Any ideas?

Got a RF900 in Telem 2 and a MK15 5.8GHZ SIYI in Telem 1

Also have tried rolling back to 4.10, 4.1.1, 4.1.2

Rolling back for a stable version is not going to fix your telemetry issue, check the voltage on the RFD900 and on the MK15. Check the antennas. Try using just the RFD900…


Thanks for the quick reply! The telemetry is rock solid on both. 240sik on both within 100M. The issue is only with mission planner and the 900 updating the parameters

What’s interesting is when powered up and the 900 is powered, that the USB won’t connect to the flight controller.

The 900 is powered separately by its on 5V BEC.

Antennas are spaces well away from interference.

Rolled back to 4.07 and suddenly the parameters can be updated fine again.

Why will they work on 4.07 but not on any after 4.10?

I have seen that i am still running Mavlink2 settings on 4.07 so its not that, as i know in 4.10 they automatically defualt to setting 2.

@amilcarlucas any idea there?