Parameter change during wrong frame config - expected?


Cube Orange - Copter V4.1.0-dev
Mode: Stabilize

I am using an alternate frame, and during the process of testing to make sure all motors are configured correctly - the first try they were not. Once armed, the drone behaved erratically due to its jumbled configuration (high throttle). After I corrected the frame, some of the parameters took on some random values that are a lot smaller (didn’t reset to default) once viewed on Mission Planner.

I want to know if this was the ArduPilot software attempting to compensate for the wrong configuration by auto tuning the parameters as best it can?


Is this a separate issue?


  • I need to confirm this won’t arise as this is a concern for safety/reliability.
  • I have read the previous parameter reset issues in past Copter 4.0._ versions.
  • It would be difficult for me to reproduce the issue as it involves some danger.
  • Parameters were primarily for PID - ATC_RAT & ATC_ANG.

All help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


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Reset is your friend.

I don’t follow, having your parameters reset/change unintentionally could affect flight stability?


The AP flight code should almost never change a parameter and certainly never change any PID tuning parameters.

It is possible that the ground station has changed the parameters somehow but I can’t imagine how this is happening so perhaps the best thing to do is save the parameters to a file and then try and recreate the change and the compare the parameter file to the current parameters (MP’s full parameter tree and full parameter list screens have “Compare Params” buttons)… The post the two files and how it was recreated.

The parameter reset issue in 4.0 (now solved) had multiple causes but at it’s core it was an eeprom hardware issue. This issue was quite different though because all parameters were reset.

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Thanks for getting back. That’s good to hear. When I have a chance to recreate it, I will store the parameters in a file. It had only happened briefly during testing with incorrect wiring.

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