Parachute Ejected during compass calibration

Seems to have a bug. I am using ardupilot latest version for copter. My parachute is primed with a chut_min_alt 10m. I am not sure if its referring to relative alt or msl altitude, yes my msl altitude is 30m.

But firstly the drone is not armed.

I do compass calibration. Turn my drone around suddenly pop, the parachute came out.

Is this a bug?

What type of parachute are you using and how does the deployment work? Could it be that something on the parachute deployment mechanism failed?

Its PWM trigger. So i plug to aux1 set it just like a servo. Anything above 1650pwm it will trigger. So I set it at 1900.

So is it a servo that finally drives the deployment?

For example on our drone aux1 drives a small launcher circuit which burns a fuse which then ejects the spring loaded parachute. So if this would happen to us it could be either the autopilot or the circuit which drives the fuse which is faulty/has a bug.

I am just curious to know if it could be some other external component which is at fault.

Yes maybe I change to a servo motor and see if it replicate the same problem.

After some more parachute pop. I suspect the pop likely could be due to the parachute sensor itself. When not in a upright position, a sudden jerk could trigger the pop.

Didn’t exactly go into testing it thoroughly but guess this is my initial assessment.