Pan servo, passthrough

Hi. I am using an APM 2.6, rangelink 12 channel UHF receiver. APM is running 3.1.1

I am using all 8 inputs to control my full house plane/flight mode. I would like to use the 9th channel, but cannot figure it out. In the parameters, there are no RC9 parameters. There are 1-8, 10, and 11.

RC9 does not exist. When I change RC10_function to 1 (passthough), and plug into pin A1 or A2, there is no servo input.

I cannot run a cable from the rangelink to the pan servo as the receiver is way out on the wing (running ppm input to keep weight down).

How do I get either RC9 or RC10 working for passthough onto the analog pins?

Here is my channel layout:
1Aileron (L)
7Aileron (L)
8-Flight mode

I would also like to move channels around so I have an osd switch on channel 8 (minim extra osd requires channel 8 for osd switch). Can flight mode be moved to a different one?

It’s true that APM 2.6 doesn’t accept more than 8 input channels? What a waste! If there is a workaround please let me know.

I have decided to try to condense the flaps onto 1 input channel. I have been reading the documentation and other people doing it. I do not need APM to give me automatic flaps, just manual flaps.
Is it capable to taking input 5, and splitting into output 5 and output 6, with one of the outputs being reversed. RC#_function doesn’t seem to allow remapping like that.

I think Flap_in_channel and flaperon_output are how I could do it.

Hi. CH9 is not available on APM2. The CH9 pin is used for some other hardware functionality.

I’ll write an FAQ on this as the question has come up a couple of times.

The page below has some information on using CH10 and CH11 on an APM2.

Thanks, Grant.