Pan Servo acting strange

I have servo-driven Pan and Tilt gimbal on a plane, and in order to slow down the movement of my servo, I have my TX16 set as 3.0Sec slow down in both directions (up and down) set. Somehow it only works in one direction as shown in the video. I am not sure if this is an OpenTx issue, an Arupilot issue, or something I have not set correctly?

Any idea why it’s acting this way?

On the bottom of your radio screen is the channel monitor display. One side is the input, the other is the output. With your delay the output should lag. Watch that monitor and see if left and right are the same or not. That will at least tell you if it’s a radio or fc issue,

Input bar and output bars move differently when I move rudder stick to right and left on the radio. So I took out the pan connector out of the aux pin and plugged into the Rx directly. Now it behaves as it should. I think it’s the FC or MP.

Something isn’t adding up to me. On your FC are you using a pass-through channel or are you using the MNT_ parameters?