Pan 360° servo

I didn’t find how to configure a 360° servo for pan, the PWM values sent to this type of servo aren’t the desired position but the spinning speed. Are they supported ?

Thanks for help.

As far as I can tell open loop panning is not supported. I have a 3d gimbal that only supports ‘speed’ panning and I am approaching the manufacturer to try to get them to update firmware.

You can still control it via a feed through onto the signal wire but if the Pixhawk has any control it just motors it over to the limits.

Its so easy to modify any servo for continuous rotation, that continious rotation should be supported by AC frimware. What will be a correct person to approach with this?

If APM/px4 is in antenna it could read ACC and mag data to calculate its position

Only for pan it just need to use mag to send servo to go each way with a nice smoothing filter on servo output.