Overspeed and stalls on a 16'' quad

What will cause overspeed and stall errors? When flying in a high wind environment and/or the large 16’’ Props in high wind?

Usually it’s a bad tuning. Can you post your logs and/or video of the problem?

I have not done a notch filter yet. Trying to figure out how to do that today.

I am not 100% sure which log was of the overspeed and stall day log. I attached two of the day. I don’t see overspeed or stall errors in the log when I graph RCOU. Not sure if it will show or not

Possibly overspeed/stall log 1

Possibly overspeed/stall log 2

I am trying to follow the notch filtering page I set my ins_log_bat_mask to 1 and did a hover in Althold mode according to this page

It is a little windy today so probably not perfect. This is a hover log of today

Hover in some wind

After doing that I don’t understand how to get the hover_freq and hover_thrust for the next part.