Overheating of FC?

Anyone knows any way I can monitor the temperature of my flight controller. I have a pixhawk, it can overheat during a very hot day. Anywhere I can see if there is a temperature of the FC?

I think one first step would be taking a look on the temperature reported by your barometers. If your FC has a IMU heater, you can also take a look on the temperature reported by it.

But, unless you are using it on a so extreme condition, like placing it with no cover from the sun or near very hot equipment, I think that it wouldn’t be a thing… are you suspecting of it to explain some kind of trouble?

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Could be a mistakenly set IMU heater target if it has heated IMUs.

The older AP builds for Cubes used to default it to a very hot temp. That’s been fixed since at least 4.1, if not before.

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How don I get the temperature reading from barometerm?

For what it’s worth (not much) in the log IMU>T
Or Baro>temp

I doubt it’s an issue of the Flight Controller overheating.

Nice, I wasn’t aware of this trouble.

It looks like the change was made in hwdef.dat for 4.1:

Previously, it defaulted to 70 degrees, if I’m not mistaken.