Over kill?


I’ve been cruising this site searching for a system to serve as a panic button when I loose orientation of my heli. I thinking using the APM systems might be overkill. The enabling a leveling function with a flip of a switch is what I’m seeking. Your thoughts and, perhaps, recommendations will be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill

As far as i know Bill, you can fly a traditional heli with full manual control, and then with the flip of a switch you can enable stabilize, or alt hold, or loiter, or RTL, and your heli will right itself and do whatever the flight mode tells it to do. Once you have regained orientation, flip it back into manual and off you go.

Not to mention all the other super cool and fun stuff pixhawk/apm have to offer.

Bill, if you are looking to primarily fly acrobatics, and have a “bail out” system, then Arducopter probably isn’t the best option for you. It does fly acrobatics, but it’s limited. It’s pretty good for sport flying, and “big sky” acro, and it can do basic 3D, but any kind of serious 3D will not work. It gets confused easily with too much fast rotation.