OSD5 & OSD6 Not Available

I have setup an AKK FX3 Ultimate VTX AKK FX3-Ultimate-DVR VTX for RC Drone Airplane Long Range(5.8G,25-1000mW, 2-6S, Smart Audio, MMCX) on my quad. Video feed and OSD are working. The specs claim it supports Smart Audio, and I have set my parameters according to Video Transmitter Support — Copter documentation. I’m not sure if the Smart Audio is working, but what’s confusing me is that according to OSD based parameter menu — Copter documentation I need to enable OSD5 & OSD6 to see the parameter screens. However, those are not available in my parameters list. I am using firmware 4.2.2. I had the same issue on 4.2.1. Is there something I’m missing that enables OSD5 & OSD6 to be exposed?

These are only compiled in on certain boards. What flight controller do you have?

Kakute H7.
Is it documented which boards do and do not have certain features? I don’t see that kind of info for example here Holybro Kakute H7 — Plane documentation

Hmmn, for some reason it is disabled on this board - it shouldn’t be, I will create a PR

In the meantime you can probably work around this by using the custom build server

Thank you for your help!