OSD and telemetry at the same time?

I bought an OSD kit at 3DR and got it up and running. Nice and impressive! There is one thing though that I do not understand, I am still quite a newbie :slight_smile: As far as I see it, when the telemetry is working the HUD displays changes in horizon, height, GPS, etc. That it works I can see in video. Is it possible to use the OSD/telemetry kit I have to send telemetry signals to the ground station, apart from the video?

I could buy a separate telemetry kit but that feels like duplicating an existing setup :slight_smile:

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I’m not exactly clear on your question but I try to answer what I think you asked.
OSD and Telem can be used at the same time BUT you need ground and air telemetry radios to do so.
The OSD is not as comprehensive as MP. With MP and Telem. you can save tlogs, load changes to parameters without breaking into your vehicle and you can get more info like telem rssi, noise, etc.
The biggest advantage for me, is the param load, tlog and flight map following. I use both OSD and telem. In a way, it is a backup redundancy. If you loose telem, you have OSD, if you lose video, you have telem and map. Once I lost the video camera 3 miles out. :open_mouth: I was able to fly back home with confidence, using MP.
Hope that helps.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for answering. You might have answered my question but I do not know what MP is :slight_smile:. I tried to google it, noticed that it was quite often mentioned but no explanation. Neither did the OSD manual. I hope you have some link.

I understand your remark about redundancy, but does this mean you have an independent OSD system with its radio/receiver and as well an independent telemetry with its radio/receiver? And does your RC system really carry 3 miles? That is wonderful! I thought they got no further than one mile. How did you manage that?



MP = Mission Planner Ground Control for PC
Yes, you need telem radios, see 3DR store
Use RFD 900 tele radio for GCS and 3DR for air and you will get very long range.
OSD rides on video down link so it is already there and β€œfree”.

Look at stuff in 3DR store and manuals. You will find a lot. They have come a long way from just a year ago. You can find all a newbie needs there.