Oscillation with Gremsy and MAVLink Pointing

Hi everyone.

I am trying to control the pitch angle of a Gremsy S1V3 gimbal using DO_MOUNT_CONTROL MAVLink messages (No RC / pilot input). I have setup the Ardupilot parameters as shown here, and Copter IS communicating with the gimbal. Using the “Payload Control” tab on the Mission Planner “Data” screen, I can set the desired pitch angle using the slider, and the gimbal responds–sort of. What I’m observing is that the gimbal oscillates a lot, and that it can hold the desired angle for a short amount of time, but then it “gives up” and starts oscillating again. See video of the behavior: https://youtube.com/shorts/Qvl7up6FlHo

Has anyone had this issue before and / or have any ideas for a solution?

Looks like the camera is too heavy for the gimbal.

I think it’s related PID of the gremsy gimbal…if your gimbal GUI has the PID tuning ability… please try that…also keep camera Gimbal CG.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I have a fair amount of experience with Gremsy gimbals (although not using them with MAVLink), and I’ve got it balanced in all 3 axes really well. Im also confident that the camera isn’t too heavy as this is a camera that this gimbal was specifically designed for, and the camera has no lens or battery at the moment.

An interesting observation is that if I physically disconnect the MAVLink serial cable between the Cube and the Gremsy while it’s oscillating as shown, the gimbal immediately stabilizes and holds the correct target angle for several seconds. Then after several seconds, it goes to a 0 degree tilt and stays there (presumably caused by some kind of internal timeout)

Could it be that the gimbal uses acc data from the FC to correct it’s own sensors and that there is s bad configuration within the gimbal or the flight controller is not calibrated?

We’ve fixed the oscillations with minor bug of mavlink command in the latest firmware. Please upgrade via the following link:

S1V3 Firmware 7.7.0

It’s also recommend to use with Gtune 1.4.8 or higher.

Gtune v1.4.8

Please give it a try

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Hi Khan. Unfortunately I have the exactly same problem with Gremsy MiO. The camera is stabilized excellently when I’m controlling the gimbal via SBUS. As soon as I switch to Mavlink the camera starts to oscillate at all positions except the maximal ones and 0 degs…