Oscillation in Loiter flight mode

Hello, Can someone point out the problem with my drone/parameter.
I am getting some osciallation when I switch to Loiter Flight mode.
The log and a video file showing the problem is attached.
Log file


Please concentrate on the front left arm (along with tree trunk in background)
@dkemxr , @amilcarlucas, @xfacta Please help.

See the rate graph in your other post. Perhaps if the Notch Filter is configured properly this will help. If not reduce the Rate Pitch/ Roll P&Iā€™s and test again.

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Even with the parameters that you had provided in the other post, the behaviour is same, log attached.

Will make other changes as suggested here and keep it posted.

Right, drop the Rate P&I gains from .1385 to .110 and see how that goes. Auto tune raised the D terms too but address that next if required.