Original IRIS Tx stolen - next step?

Hi, Folks!
I have been having a lot of fun with my IRIS since more than two months, but a couple of days ago thugs broke into my car and stole the transmitter (my tablet was sitting next o it, but they did not see it luckily).
So now I’m left without a radio. I have an old Turnigy 9X with FrSky DJT radio for my arduplane and I tried binding it with my IRIS (following the very detailed instructions on 3DR site), but with no luck… I can not arm the motors by putting the throttle in the lower right position and nothing happens. I changed the Tx Setup to Heli, but no luck… I am reading about flashing the Transmitter with the open source ER firmware, but it needs a lot of work and for my amateur level it is difficult. Is there a way to use he IRIS with my stock Turnigy 9X?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Hi bat_toncho,

The binding process should be similar to the FlySky RC Controller that originally came included with the Iris, please be sure to follow this binding process:
dropbox.com/s/477pi66xdig3g … inding.mp4

Also try a radio calibration, ensure that your channels are outputting the right PWM values on the right channels.
Check your arming sequence on the RC Calibration, ensure that when placing the stick on arming position, the throttle should have a low value while the yaw should have a high value, if you get other kind of values they may be a channel mix or a channel is reversed.
Also try checking the pre-checks if these settings were correct.

Hi, Francisco!

Thanks for your detailed help! I did the steps from the movie and I got the end result - the LED in the receiver is constant green. However, I want to ask - when binding I have both buttons (1 and 2) on the back of the TX FrSky module in the OFF position. How do I set them later when I want to fly? The Tx I got had only number 2 in the ON position.

After binding I could not arm the IRIS (all pre-flight checks have been made), but at least now I know I have to do what you recommended - radio calibration. I will do what I can and post the result tomorrow.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

Hi, Francisco!

I already did the radio calibration through Mission Planner on PC. Good news is that the radios are binded, bad news is that something is wrong with the channels and PWM values I think. Could you look at the screenshot I made and give me some direction. From my calibration I understood that from the both sticks in the upper right corner which are used to change flight modes only one outputs a signal - the left one with three stages. The right one is not outputing anything.

Is there the possibility to order a spare Transmitter from 3DR? I could not see it in the online shop - only the more expensive options for the Y6 and X8 were for sale.

Not sure about the configuration, but check the FlySky RC Controller configuration, both controllers have almost the same configurations:

On your RC Controller screen please go to the Mixer page (5/11) and ensure that you have the following:

CH1 100 AIL
CH2 100 ELE
CH3 100 THR
CH4 100 RUD
CH5 -70 FULL SW1
-35 FULL SW2
-15 FULL SW3
CH6 100 P3

Also on page (8/11) Custom Switches be sure to have the following


Let’s hope that this helps you out.

I am trying to put my radio to back when I got it when I purchased my IRIS because it wont arm & its all wrong & I messed up the settings. Do I need to change it to what you have down?

Yes, you can click the Enter button and the controller will let you Delete some channel settings, try using the configurations I sent you a while ago :slight_smile:

I got this from another IRIS owner (thanks Jay!!) it shows all 11 screens for a default setting. I hope this helps others:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/04wk6hrno5o58bd/AADXWoQCkb5GOp9lDiOJKBgva :wink: