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Orange/Yellow Cube firmware Issues

(Matthew ) #1

I am not sure if this is a GCS issue or an actual issue with the ardupilot firmware, which I am thinking it is the latter as it failed on both MP and QGC. I recently purchased a cube orange to play around with (yes I am totally aware they are beta) and after having issues uploading firmware I was finally able to get the firmware loaded by using the latest firmware tab in the download firmware site, the firmware I choose was the Aug. 2nd as that was the day I was messing around with it, firmware loaded just fine but once you try to connect to it using the supplied USB cable it was not receiving any heartbeat packets. I have not tried connecting it to a GCS using a radio. I figured it may have been an issue with the mini carrier board so I installed it on one of the original full size hex carrier boards and it also failed to receive heartbeat packets then as well. I have a post on the cube forum and tried a earlier firmware as @proficnc suggested but that also did not work, I have not had the chance to download the June 18th latest as Philip suggested but figured I would post here to bring this to the ardupilot teams attention. Here is the post on the cube forum regarding this issue.

(James Pattison) #2

My guess is that it’s a driver/gcs issue. ArduPilot opens two USB instances on recent firmware (mavlink and canbus) for F7 and H7 boards, and I’ve seen this confuse some GCS’s. Latest firmware with Missionplanner Beta should be fine. Mavproxy works.

(Matthew ) #3

I was using the most current version of MP as I daily update to current beta of MP still no joy. MP does find that it is a hex h7 com port and labels it as such but still never connects. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. I do not see that it is opening two com ports as I only see the H7 comport open.

(James Pattison) #4

Hmmm. This fix was put in to deal with the symptoms you’re seeing, but shouldn’t matter for Cube Orange (which wasn’t affected). Apologies for asking the obvious, but Missionplanner is selecting the correct com port and baud rate? (I’m a bit rusty with MP)

(Matthew ) #5

Yes I did select the correct com port and tried every baudrate that is normally used such as 57600 and 115200, none of the baudrates I tried worked. I manually select the proper com port and baudrate but nothing connected in either MP or QGC. I will try mavproxy when I get home tonight.

(proficnc) #6
(Matthew ) #7


I have managed to get the cube orange to connect to MP but had to use the latest firmware from 6-18-19 like @proficnc had suggested. I tried connecting to mavproxy using the latest firmware from today Aug. 7th and could not connect to the cube using mavproxy, QGC, or the latests beta MP that was also downloaded today Aug. 7th. Not sure what the issue is but as of August and July none of the dates of the latest firmware will connect to any GCS on cube orange using either the original carrier board or the mini.

(James Pattison) #8

Glad it’s working now.

(proficnc) #9

They are making changes to how USB works in master.

One of the joys of using the development branch is that it doesn’t always go to plan :slight_smile:

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