Orange Cube / Mission Planner/ x7 Taranisq

I am working with a Orange Cube and have a x7 Taranis q bound to the receiver , When i connect to mission planner i can move the flight controller and see it move on mission planner but when i get to radio calibration non of the areas in the pitch, roll etc. is green how can i make the transmitter be seen in the radio calibration . Thanks for your help

Hi Ewalker,
If you want help you really need to supply more information.

  • How is your receiver connected to your FC?
  • Did you follow all the basic setup instructions?
  • What firmware are you using ? I.e. rover,plane, copter,…?
  • Have the basic calibrations been done ?

Good Morning

My Receiver is connected to the FC by Sbus and that is working good
I am using 4.2 Firmware for a Coper
and i have done all the basic calibrations , GPS, Compass, Radio Ect
but when i get to the ESC Calibration the tab that will drop down for ESC Types
will not drop down its blank
I am reaching out to see if anyone can help with this

Did you configure a FRAME_CLASS and FRAME_TYPE? Then restart the board.

Not sure about that I know I chose the the Quad frame then if ask to update firmware

it did restart board but I chose the Quad and it ask to down load Firmware so once I did that i restarted the board but is would not allow me
to calibrate ESC

Post your parameter file.

Can you give me examples of what you are wanting

From Mission Planners Full Parameter List use the Save To File button and attach that file.

Sorry for the delay
The only changes i made in the full Parameter list is for the GPS and LED lights
I have not changed anything in the list just chose frame QUAD Calibrated the compass GPS and Radio
and got all that working just cant get the drop down on the ESC to be able to choose Flame ESC

Ok don’t provide the parameter file.

Can you think of why the esc type will not drop down

As I posted before:
Did you configure a FRAME_CLASS and FRAME_TYPE? Then restart the board.

You are not helping yourself by ignoring the most basic of questions.

I will go back and check on the the Frame class and Frame Type
Thanks for all your help
I will let you know what i find