Opinion about Pitch and roll

Hello to all, i configure one heavy drone and i just need your opinion about how it work, i cannot provide logfile but i attach charts from roll and pitch, please feel free to comment ,i think setup is really good but i got some oscillations at middle and i try to cut them so i think i must tune I is that correct?

Bin Added

Need a .bin log file and a description of the frame and parts

Bin added at first msg

Anyone? any opinions.

It’s not bad but it could be better. I would do the following:
Update the firmware to latest Stable.
Make sure EKF3 is enabled (it’s running 2 now).
Configure the Dynamic Notch Filter.
Re-run Auto Tune. I’m assuming you ran it already based on the PID values saved.

Thanks for the reply can i ask the difference between EKF2 versus EKF3?

Also do i need to soft autotune or change settings?


Not sure what you mean by soft Auto Tune. No setting changes required.

i mean how aggressive can an autotne can be so my guess for better tune at ‘I’ is correct or it is completelly fault.

I would leave aggression at default (.100)

Hello to all after a lot of tuning I finally get a good result but my system wobble at forward speed at speed 11 m.s and above, so experts your opinion please about
that i inquiry logfile.


I don’t think the tuning is that good. A lot of noise on the Rate outputs in Pitch and the RC outputs are oscillating also. 1st update to latest Stable firmware and make sure EK3 is enabled. You are on old firmware with EK2. Then get back to tuning.

And your Z-vibration levels are terrible.

Yeah i know about Z vibration and it is something I will fix, what are you mean rc outputs are oscillating also I can see a small oscillation at rc1 but the other 3 look ok.


Rate Output…Noisy

Tuning looks poor, more noise:

But, you didn’t take the previous advice so good luck.

First of all I am here to ask the experts so please don’t tell me good luck it is suppose it is a community here and everyone helps eatch other second how I can kill the oscillating and last one can you explain to me rate output or give me a link.

Thank you for your time.

That’s right. And I tried to help you by suggesting some changes which you ignored.

Anyway i dont see any point at your answer but either way i am really grateful for your comments

Best regards

Hello to all again,

One more question it is possible if D rate is really high make system oscillate when system cruise at high speed ? (Above 12 m/s).

Looking forward for your replies.

Yes, depends which D param you are talking about, but it can affect lots of things.
Generally a high D term will cause very small fast oscillations that will not be visible to the naked eye, but you can hear it in a “mechanical” motor noise, feel it in high motor temperatures, and see it in logs.

For example it would be typical for ATC_RAT D terms to be in the range of 1/10th to 1/20th of ATC_RAT P and I terms.
1/16th of P and I is a good starting point if you have nothing else to work from.
This is not a rule though, as always there’s exceptions - just my observation of many peoples logs over the last couple of years.

If you are getting big (visible) oscillations that is probably not due to a D term.
Post a link to a .bin log.

Thank you for the reply i already uploaded bin file in my previous messages i would be thankful if you can see it , btw it looks my D is wrong.

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