Operation Near Volcanoes

Hey all,

Does anyone have experience working with copters around volcanoes for surveying? We have a possible client interested in our platform for that very job. Any input is welcome!

Stay out of the hot bit!
…but seriously no I dont at all, but I was thinking possibly corrosive gases, depends how close you get. It could mean the copter is going to be throw-away if you do a lot of work with it - but I could be totally wrong.
Terrain data might be an issue too.
Compass cal if there’s lots of localised ferrous material.

No experience with Volcanoes - but I would assume there may be some issues regarding the barometer (so Lidar is probably a requirement) and compass interference (don’t know how you would go about this).

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I’ve also seen papers on the EMF that volcanoes emit. So far the client has used DJI stuff unsuccessfully. Over 11k ft they tend to fall out of the sky. I’m sure they’d like to get as close as possible, but as is I think they are still a half mile out or so.