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The current process to revise the wiki seems unnecessarily cumbersome. Rather than having to post here to get it revised why not open source the wiki content and allow the community to make their own revisions?

You could still control the content by not granting commit access to everyone. A github repo seems ideal where people can make changes on their own and then submit pull requests. You could even format everything in markdown and publish it on github pages using jekyll which is built in. (

You are free to request to join the editors group.
Please review the instructions here: … -resource/

That’s exactly my point though. More people would contribute if you didn’t have to join an editors group. If anyone could download the source, make changes and submit improvements, the overall quality of the documentation would improve.

Not necessarily. Through this selection process is ensured that only people get to write docs who actually know what they are writing about. That is somewhat important, this being the official docs (keyword: liability) and additionally, this is also a reasonably good way to prevent vandalism.

That’s covered in what I suggested though; Anyone can submit changes, but only the repository owners can incorporate those changes. I’m just suggesting that lowering the barriers to contributing would be a good thing.

Perhaps it’s better to show rather than tell:

I took the content for the apm:copter introduction (sans layout) and reproduced it here:

And here’s the source of the page:

Anyone can view the source, fork the repository, make changes and then submit those changes back to the main repository. Since I’m the only owner of the repository, I decide which submissions (called ‘pull requests’ in github) get incorporated.

Many opensource projects and sites operate this way (APM Planner for instance).

I think opening up the source this way would be a win for the community.

Well, if you also provide a system which allows users to edit nicely in a WYSIWYG editor, submit the proposed changes and then the docs be displayed nicely in a SEARCHABLE website again…
Anyways, the Docs Wiki is actually discussed in the Wiki-editors group, so in the end, you will have to join there anyways - either to discuss your proposals with the right people or to become an editor :slight_smile:.

Thanks, I’ll join the wiki editors group and start a discussion there :slight_smile:

Thanks Jared. The wiki definitely needs some work. It would be great to have your help.

I was wondering if the usb drive on the wiki page is correct? cause t was told to go there then read on this forum it was not correct. was only wondering cause I am desperately looking. if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


David, i don’t know the answer to your question, but if you do want to get an answer here’s what I’d suggest:

  1. start a new thread, don’t post on this unrelated one
  2. be more specific about which information you believe to be inaccurate
  3. link to the page in question