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Opensource, color, PictureInPicture capable OSD for ArduPilot


(Piotr łazęcki) #4

It looks very prommissing. Have you thing about mixing 2 video chanels to have 3D Side-by-side efect with OSD ? Let me know if beta tester needed :sunglasses:

(Andras Schaffer) #5

Since all input video can be freely scaled and positioned on the output, the answer is yes, it can be used for side by side.

(Marc Dornan) #6

Very nice and certainly overdue. As long as it is not incredibly expensive, sign me up. I will send an email.

(Robert Giordano) #7

I’m very interested in this project! I am currently doing something similar with a PIP board from China, in combination with a MinimOSD. The system works well but it limited by the capabilities of MinimOSD. The PIP board has 4 camera inputs and I can remotely switch between full screen views of any camera and multiple camera layouts.

The PIP board I’m using weighs 34g and I’m using a Micro MinimOSD which I think weighs 10g. How much will your complete system weigh?

My PIP board is mounted under the frame, just behind the gimbal.
At 2:20, I pan the GoPro around to see the camera inputs of the PIP board:

(Andras Schaffer) #8

Hi Robert,
Interesting, I think the board that you using has the same kind of, or
close chip that I use. (It’s not a secret, I use a Intersil TW2837)
The current prototype board is 50g, but the release one will be around 40g
(thinner PCB, less pin connectors). Plus a 10-15g 3d printed enclosure.

Could you give me a link to the PIP board that you using ?

(Robert Giordano) #9


This is the one I have but it says “Out of Stock” at the moment:

(davidbitton) #10

What is the video ASIC?

(pyn) #11

It will be awfully heavy, huge and expensive…

(Andras Schaffer) #12

Pyn: Thank you for your valuable input. It is highly appreciated that you take time and register to this forum to share your insight with us. Also you made pretty clear that you are not part of the target customer segment of this product.

(Andras Schaffer) #13

Intersil/Renesas TW2837

(davidbitton) #14

My day job is in security. I wonder how many NVRs we’ve sold with that chip in it. When do you expect to have something to sample (EPR or PPR)?

(Andras Schaffer) #15

It was used (and still used) in quad video matrix switches, and I think the number of switches sold is huge :D. I expect to have first public beta batch of boards to be ready in the second half of may.

(davidbitton) #16


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(pyn) #17

Don’t take me wrong… I love the concept and the demo flight video, but unfortunately you’re right, this is an OSD that will probably cost more than the flight controller itself so it is not for my pocket…

I’ll still follow the project closely and will wait for the price announcement… maybe I’m wrong about it!

(Andras Schaffer) #18

The price will be less than 200 usd and definitely more than 150. If you compare it to the cost of a Cube I think it is feasible.

(Marc Dornan) #19

It is totally what is expected. With Ardupilot people do think $12 minimOSD. For me I really think PIP would take FPV to another level. So I am happy to pay. If it is successful then I am sure hobbyking or banggood will lower the cost.

Thanks for blazing a trail.

Now if this could be integrated with EZ wifibroadcast that would be sweet! I know the resolution is SD so it may not be feasible.

(pyn) #20

What’s the power consumption of the OSD?
I’m wondering how many mA does the video processor beast suck up…

Can you post some current measurements?

(Andras Schaffer) #21

Max power consumption is around 1.8Watts

(Marc Dornan) #22

The more I look at this to better it seems to have wing cameras viewable in PIPs.

As regards inspiration for OSD features have you looked at the feature set of probably the best MinimOSD fork

Will we be able to configure the display with the same features as exist in the latest firmware for MinimOSD? Or is the graphical nature of the display such that it is harder to do this?

(Roman Ryabyy) #23

Interesting project. What will be the ~price for the board ?
I have not enough knowledge’s in the video subsystems, so have simple questions:
a) will simple analog video quality improved ?
b) will it be possible to connect more sensors/peripheral to osd ? such as some boards to controll battery each cell voltage, etc