Openpilot revolution LAND mode bi problem

I have tested latest arducopter stable firmaware for openpilot revo ,
drone is finely flight no problem except LAND flight mode,
when I set flight mode Land after then 3 seconds all motor stoped and drone crashed
what is the problem ?

Can you send when this shit happening , (log file)
You can’t understand what I’m talking about then plz check this page after upload some file

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:


you know my board is openpilot revo no sdcard for log
but mission planner finded log files via mavlink (size 1.8mb) is this

2020-09-11 (523.8 KB)
this i my log file but I am not sure this my crashed log

I’m so sorry for right now I’m tooo busy on my latest target , plz forgive me but I will try …

Now you can find on this way , may-be it’s helpful for your :smiley:

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

thank again

btw ı am testing Return home and Land flight mode no problem but whitout land auto land.
land by my control

in this time I am not sure return and land flight mode
return home ok but land ??

Now , same problem facing at before ?

return home and land mode tested but whitout Land procedure
so, I changed to Altitude hold flight mode before drone auto Land mode (in Return home and Land mode)

So I am not sure Return Home and Land mode

other problems,

I am setting rgb led pwm out (only one led) works finely but FC not accept any rc input
cancelling rgb led setting rc input works finely

Try rtl final high = 1 meter or something then you perfect catch your copter


Like tack of your copter like 1 meter or little bit and pitch forward nearly 20meter and go into smart rtl it should be confirm land mode is bad or not

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: