Oops.. (forum doesn't like short titles)

It’s been a few good years since I last crashed… But I did a bad job programming a survey today… Rather than taking off straight up, it tried to fly diagonal to its first waypoint. And, into some trees.
Just posting because for some reason it makes me feel a little better about the situation, heh.

I guess not too bad in the end… Some broken carbon fiber. And this is a 7 year old vehicle, so maybe time for a rebuild anyway.


ahhh…it looks so sad.
Sorry for you loss.

You know… When it happened I was thinking it was a total loss. I built it before I had a kid, and had time to focus on things. I used to do survey work fairly regularly, but haven’t in years. Maybe I’d just stick to my little microcopters, which do 90% of what this big beast can do, amazingly.

But, looked at it for a while and determined it’s not actually that bad. Then took it apart… And by the time I went to sleep last night, had it mostly fixed. Had the frame pieces I need left over from the last time I crashed it a few years ago. So, not bad at all.

But I have realized, I could have just used one of my microcopters for this, too. The only reason I used the big one is because it has a gimbal to point the camera down. I could just manually do that on one of my microcopters before the flight, and collect the same data. Avoid the possibility of expensive mistakes. Guess I’d have to figure out the correct angle for the speed I’m going, and would have more trash images… But probably would still work out fine.