Only manual and stabilise mode worked

I have loaded with latest firmware 2.76, callibrated the radio, accelerator, flight modes, etc.
when I plugged in, the lipo, stabilise mode worked fine, also manual mode of course.

Unfortunately other modes, such as RTL, circle, and loiter throttle doesn’t work. the prop spinned like only 2% power at any throttle stick while in these modes. These apm board worked before fine, but after upgrqade to latest fw this thing happenned. I have yet to fly it outdoor tomorrow, but so afraid it won’t work, as this happenned while testing it indoor…

any advice or remedy? thanks in advance


more info, I am using APM 2.5 with external GPS, internal compass and no sonar, no airspeed sensor and no telemetry connected when this happenned


Thanks for those readers… I have yet to get answer from expert/support.
Anyway, I brave myself to fly… I succeeded in taking off on manual and stabilise mode.
after draining two packs, I tried circle, loiter and RTL modes. In did what it supposed to do, but with high throttle and down elevator… I have to switch to manual or stabilise half way to avoid rtl at lower and lower height…

any suggestions?

by the way I have to trim my elevator up, after takeoff, to make it fly level.

Hi Nubli, first thing to sort out is that trim. Fly your aircraft, manually land and then note the amount of trim on the surface and then set it mechanically. Screw in or out the control horn. Using trim on the radio makes the controller keep applying that trim, the APM thinks you are making a slight stick movement.

The other thing you might do is move some weight back so the aircraft is balanced properly.

Once flying without trims you can start tuning the controller.