Oneshot125/42 blhelis

I saw on the Chibois Gitter Chanel some chatter about fixing that!!

I think I wrote about motor out, meanwhile it was rc out. And despite the oneshot 125 setting, I received a range of 1200-1600. I’ll be home tomorrow and check all my doubts. Thank you for the time. I can repay you someday - I know digital and analog hadware perfectly.

Happy to help. I always learn things from troubleshooting and enjoy it.

If I’m ever in Poland again I’ll look you up :grinning:

I invite you, I live in Warsaw

I was in Wroclaw and Legnica.

I do get the rpm data from the ESCs. You don’t need dshot for that

Also because I have a cube on this craft I only have 6 available outputs that support dshot so I am forced to use one shot from the main outputs

F765-Wing has 12 outputs and no IOMCU!

That’s cool. My CUAV v5 nano has dshot on all outputs but I like the redundant sensors and internal imu dampning of the CUAV V5+ cube that I use

Yes, I would do the same. Flying a big Octo with a $65 Flight Controller just doesn’t seem right…

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I am a service engineer and I repair laboratory analyzers. I drive 80 thousand km a year and I know all the beautiful Poland. Of course, flying with my different models comes into play. Regards

I was just flying my octo today with all the dynamic harmonic based filtering using rpms today. Works amazing

Know that betaflight works with 4-8khz pid loops with rpm also reported for these frequencies. RPM cuts absolutely everything for controllers with poor anti-vibration damping …

but it doesn’t offer althold, pozhold, loiter, auto … and also supports blhot dshot …

and they have a pidanalyzer which is missing in ac, because att is not much …

Can anyone that’s running DShot share a log please !?

I can’t get a valid DShot signal from the FMU in any of my FCs. They all default to PWM, and the BlHeli_32 ESCs run happily with PWM.

I have Dshot 300 and 600 working perfectly.

What is your flight controller?

If you are using a cube or a FC with an IO coprocessor you can only get dshot from the AUX1-6 ports

I assume you have set the proper protocol type?

MOT_PWM_TYPE: Output PWM type

Note: This parameter is for advanced users

This selects the output PWM type, allowing for normal PWM continuous output, OneShot, brushed or DShot motor output

Values RebootRequired
Value Meaning

0 Normal
1 OneShot
2 OneShot125
3 Brushed
4 DShot150
5 DShot300
6 DShot600
7 DShot1200

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How are you making the determination that Dshot is not being used?

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I’ve seen this type of support call a couple of times so I’ve raised an issue for the wiki to clarify how users can test that OneShot and/or Dshot are working.

We also don’t have a wiki page for the OneShot setup. Do people think we need that?

This is our wiki page for DShot and BLHeli telemetry.


When logs show plain PWM, it’s plain PWM. That’s why I’m asking for logs.

Then there’s the APD ESCs, that don’t accept anything less then DShot300. And I haven’t been able to start one.