One Propeller/motor not running on take off


Hi have a iris+ recently brought (just 2 weeks) and After being in the supplier to change a problem on the both radios that connect each other (433Mhz Radio) the drone has come with a motor not getting thrust. Only if I accelerate a little more the propeller starts to move. I know that the supplier doest not have enough information on the technical level to solve some issues, but it seems that somehow a configuration or a mechanical issue is present. Before this problem and the iris has flyed only on Standard mode because the follow me mode was broken due to one of the radios. Now it seems all it’s of except on take of the motors spin expect one. Would you think it’s mechanic or calibration?

Thank you guys![/color]

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Thank you since I’m a rookie on this can you explain me where I can find that on the Mission Planner? thank you very much!

do you mean this?


Is there a way to download it in APM 2.0 for os X? can’t find the same menus.

big thanks

I found this on the jpg can you check it out the other log.txt are empty just the first one has data.

P.S. - I tried to submit here the txt file and extension is not allowed.

It seams it was the calibration radio that turn to be the fix of it all.