One of my motors acting up

After a few successful flights I went to launch for another round, this time I noticed one of the motors did not start like the rest. Once I gave it enough throttle for lift it appeared to be spinning good but as soon as I gave it enough for lift off it flipped over to that side. I did not crash it, it just appeared. However, I did crash it into the side of my house a few weeks before and noticed that one of the motor cases was bent so I replaced the case only.

When I got home, I removed the props and it appeared to be spinning fine, I then ran the motor test and the motor that I was having trouble with had a kind of grinding noise. I do not have the logs from that day since the logs were overwritten during testing.

What is the best way to check a motor?

I went from

I told you then that if you are not well familiar with fixing electric motors, you should get a new motor because it’s very hard to repair a brushless motor after a bad crash. It requires experience and skill and is nothing that can be simply advised online.
You should really get a new motor before you destroy your copter completely or even run it into a person or a vehicle.

Well I did replace the motor earlier today and I am back in business. Once I saw there was an issue with that motor I did not fly anymore and posted here. Soooooo, thanks.