One auxiliary switch position to switch 2 channels

Is possible to have one switch position to switch 2 channels.
I have a 3 position switch (sa) which I have set on Channel 7 to switch simple mode and super simple mode. I have run out of switches on my Qx7 and want to switch in a fence. Can i use the 3rd position of switch (sa) to switch on an other channel, for example channel 7 and channel 10?

Hi Colin-So you want to use SA(middle) for Simple, SA(down) for Super Simple and Fence?

The pots can be used as switches in a pinch.

Yes that’s what I had in mind, other than that I still have a pot I can use.

OpenTX logical switches. It takes some figuring out, but once you do you’ll marvel at the possibilities.

For instance, I was flying FLIR and RGB. RGB was simple, it was recording while PWM was high, but FLIR took a 500ms high pulse to toggle recording on/off. With logical switches we only needed a 2-pos.