Onboard video of skyviper throw mode


Video is pretty good, better than I expected. (I haven’t recorded with mine).

Up until yesterday, I was convinced that throw mode couldn’t be fooled, no matter how you throw it. Even upside down, it handles it. That turns out not to be entirely true, so here’s a tip: If you decide to try throwing it up with the frame oriented vertically and spinning, do it over grass. :slight_smile: Upside is that a new set of props only costs $1.

it does handle that most of the time actually, but it is by no means guaranteed! It is a great stress test for the EKF :slight_smile:
I like to imagine that I’m throwing Paul Riseborough in the air, and he’s frantically doing maths to try to work out which way is up


Haha! I attribute it to the fact that this is the one time I tried throw mode over pavement. The Universal Law of “stuff will break if this goes wrong” is, in my experience, the equal of all technology. :slight_smile:

I actually forgot to push return button and check for flashing green before throwing once. Went about 30ft stopped on hard gravel. Only thing it did was green plastic lens fell out. 2 hrs later I noticed it missing went looking for it and got lucky. I found it

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I read Tridge’s instructions on using Throw mode, forgot about the “press return” part of them, and exercised “Throw, land immediately without arming” several times. Neighbors probably were not all that impressed.

DOH!!! That’s what I forgot!!!


I need to go read those instructions again. Yes, the others at the playground thought i looked pretty dumb throwing my quad into the air and it crashing…broke the stinkin prop guard doing it lol

One simple way to be sure: When armed and ready for throw, the transmitter lights (assuming you are using the stock transmitter) flash rapidly. It’s the only state where this happens. So check the lights :wink:

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Had many successful throws yesterday. Thanks! I was amazed. I threw it so many crazy directions and it had no troubles!

There’s an unofficial challenge going on in some circles … Winner would be the first Viper owner showing throw mode failing/EKF unable to “right” a Viper.

So far and to my knowledge no winning entry! :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried several times to get video of a throw…and everytime I check the SD card it’s not there.

I’ve tried:
Start recording before Mode Change
Start recording after Mode Change
Start recording after Arming

And every time, I check and don’t see the recording…not sure what I’m doing wrong here…Maybe i’m not ending the recording at the right time. :\ If you don’t press stop before it disarms does it cancel saving or something? I ask that specifically because I’ve been transitioning to RTL after throw to “impress friends” with its boomerang capabilities. :slight_smile:

You may have record to sdcard turned off

No because I have other recordings during the same session on the SD card

Are you starting/stopping recording from the web app or button on transmitter?
If latter, could it be your reprogrammed the video button for something else like another flight mode? Do you hear the video start beep?

Sometimes right after a Throw-mode launch my SV flies off (not drift or toilet-bowl) instead of Loiter per parameters. Odd. But a quick switch to Auto mode sends it on its way. Video has worked fine in Throw.

Now that I have become more comfortable using Tower, I have been wanting to try throw mode . Do you arm SV and switch to throw wait for props to stop and toss it upwards ? Or just power on wait for gps lock, switch to throw and then toss ? Can you set it to switch to auto , after throw ?

FOLLOW the throw directions here

If not, you’ll throw it up in the air and watch a rock several times like I did. lol