On/Off Pitch Bug

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on a large Pixhawk-driven antenna tracker for a few months and finally have all the hardware finished up. It uses a Yaesu G-5500 tracker head, which is driven by simple on/off AC motors. Azimuth pointing works perfectly configured as an on/off rotator but there is an issue with pitch. When configured as on/off, I can manually control pitch in servo_test mode and all works well. In auto, however, the tracker will always just move the pitch until it hits the limit switch. Reversing the channel just makes it run the other way to the limit.

I know the altitudes of the tracker and aircraft are being seen correctly because I can set pitch as a continuous rotation servo and crank the PIDs through the roof to imitate on/off behavior. When I do this, all works well. I have it configured this way and it works pretty well but I would like to have it set up properly, with on/off.


I drive similar ac motors on a tracker with brushless esc’s using this firmware, which Matt Ridley (CanberraUAV) tweaked for the purpose a couple of years ago:

Very interesting, so with this are you able to control motor speed and treat them as continuous rotation servos in the firmware?