On getting RTK Float or Fix my HDOP jumps to over 3. Any ideas as to why?

My setup is a bit complicated, well for me at least, as it involves 2x Ardusimple RTK lite modules on the aircraft for a moving baseline yaw sensor. This is awesome by the way and works a treat. In addition though, what I am trying to do is setup up another Ardusimple RTK lite module on the ground as a base station to also get an RTK fix with the aircraft. However, I need to connect this base station wirelessly as for VLOS reasons, my ground control station is mobile. So I have the base station linked to an XBee 868 radio linked to the laptop, its max baud rate is 115200. I have included a log (here) which shows the issue I think. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks.

Sorted, seems like there was a settings issue on the Base GPS config.