Omnibus Nano v7

I’m curious if anyone has had success using the Omnibus Nano f4 V7 on a build with 4.0? I’m especially interested in RPM filtering. When hooking up ESC telemetry do you have to connect the 4in1 telemetry out to a single TLM pad, or chain it to all 4 pads? Any help or tips on using the nano V7 are much appreciated.

The 4 in 1 will still connect to the little jst-sh or picoblade (don’t know the exact connector type) connector which is just one wire. If you were to use four separate ESC’s, then you’d have to connect one to each pad on the corners. I’m sure all the pads and the single input on the picoblade (or whatever) connector are all going to the same uart on the PCB.

But, no, I have not used that board.

I’ve successfully installed 4.0 for the Nano v6. I’m going through the setup and when I try to do the accelerometer calibration the “place vehicle left” message doesn’t appear, and mission planner locks up.
If anyone has successfully set up a Nano v7 I’d love to hear about your experience and if you have any tips or tricks to share.

Hi! Which hwdef file are you using? There is currently no target for this board. I have briefly looked at it and there are several changes from v6. The pinouts for the IMU differs from v6, so the acc/gyro will not work as is.

I could also not see a baro on this board. It exposes an additional uart for this reason (5.5 which have similar mapping to v6). So a hwdef file will have to be made. I don’t have the board so not able to test, but if you have a multimeter, you could check pins against the f4 processor.

Different IMU and no barometer. No Ardupilot target as stated. Seems to me this was produced for the Frsky integrated Rx board and then sold separately but not the best choice for Ardupilot. V6’s are still commonly available. Or Kakute F7 mini

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Thanks for the help everyone!