Old IRIS vs New IRIS+

Hello All,

First post for me and it is in regards to my not so old IRIS about 4 months now. I am wondering if the new IRIS+ motor arms fit the old IRIS configuration. I crashed today and am in need of parts.

Kind Regards


arms are the same I understand(awaiting mine to be shipped back) the motors have changed to a higher kv and the props shorter(if 6mm nuts are obtained then 10x47 can be mounted again yielding a 50% throttle hover I understand from christian.)


Thanks for the reply, I guess I’ll go ahead and order.

a couple people that have recieved their new Iris+ have said that the arms are of a low grade plastic like for toys.
today some one said they came down and 3 arms sheered off and that he couldnt trust the fourth.
i like the older arms. they are stiffer and just a peace of mind.