Ok to fly IRIS without telemetry radio in Stabilize mode?

While waiting on a resolution to a broken telemetry antenna from 3DR, I am making an assumption (and actually flying) that it is ok to fly the IRIS in Stabilize mode without the telemetry radio plugged in. What specific things would I need to avoid while I do not have the telemetry radio plugged in?

My assumptions are that I cannot fly autonomous missions, nor try to control the IRIS with my android tablet. Any others? I assume all flight modes switched on the FlySky transmitter will still work (AltHold, Loiter, RTL, etc…)

Thanks for your help.

I noticed that the telemetry radios are interchangeable. The only thing about the radio module INSIDE the IRIS is that it doesn’t have the plastic casing like the ground station radio does and it has a heat shrink around it. I’m thinking that if I absolutely need the telemetry radio to fly the IRIS manually, then I will just extract the telemetry radio module from the one that is intended to be used by an android tablet, apply some heat shrink, attach it to the IRIS and plug it into the Pixhawk while I’m waiting for the replacement. Good idea, bad idea??

Why would you need to do that? You need two telemetry radios to communicate with each other. One alone doesn’t do anything. Without it, you’re fine, just can’t remote control the bird with anything but your joysticks radio, which is fine.

Thanks for the response. I have been flying without incident, so I’ll just wait until I get a replacement. I just think I’m going to have to wait another 2 months because they are out of stock at 3DRobotics right now.