Offboard navigation module


I posted this in the arducopter part of the forum, but no luck so far, so trying here as well!

I’m working on a project where we will utilize a complete standalone navigation module (attitude, position, velocity etc etc) and feed that information in to use in its attitude and position control to my pixhawk 3 pro. This data will be at 100Hz through the serial connection. What would be the best way to move forward on this? As I am not that familiar with the relatively low-level part of the ardupilot code, it currently seems to be a bit unclear where the best place to make this change would be. The onboard EKF will still be running in the background in case the serial connection drops.

All tips will be appreciated!

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Unfortunately we don’t have a good frontend/backend split for our AHRS
system at the moment. We are hoping to change that in the future. Such a
frontend/backend split would probably have to really abstract the backends
away - so sometimes taking altitude from here, orientation from there,
that sort of thing. Not a small piece of work.

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Ok, thank you for the information. So it seems like my initial thought that this is not a trivial implementation was correct :slight_smile: Guess ill start by getting the navigation information by the serial connection and figure out how to replace the onboard navigation later.

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