Odd thing happening on apm 2.5

hi, noob here, but learning quickly

I outfitted a lotus t600g with the ardupilot mega, odd thing happened on its 2nd flight.

it suddenly started spinning around on its axis then crashed. not much damage just a blade broken however when i spin it up now, with about 1/4 throttle, not enough to aunhc but enough to spin the blades pretty fast i notice one blade is seeding up then slowing down constantly. is this normal as in the pilot trying to correct pitch? or is there an issue?

any help to a noob is greatly appreciated before i blow all my money on crashed aircraft :slight_smile:

I have attached the logs

Sir you need to give more information like a log, technical setup details e.t.c.

i posted the log, its awaiting admin approval. its the apm mega 2.5 module on a lotus t600g frame, 8 ch turnigy remote, ran though all the wizard setups, I have the 3dr compass/ mag on it and had a 3d gps lock.