Object Avoidance code

Hey guys!

I’m new to the Pixhawk Platform, and I’ve had an idea to create and code an Object Avoidance system using ArduPilot. I’m using some no-name chinese sensors since I want to play around with various frequencies and bands, but I’m having trouble with the code.

My idea so far was to create a new flight mode that would tilt the drone away from the sensor that gets triggered, however I have a lot of experience programming Arduinos, but barely any on Pixhawk.

Also, I would like to use 4 sensors (one for each side, directional antennas and all), however there are only 3 Analog Inputs on top of the board (pins 13,14 and 15 from my research), how would I go about that? Multiplexing was an option on the Arduino, I’m not sure if that’s the case on the Pixhawk.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, any advancement concerning your subject i would realy be interested in the outcome