NTP / PowerLine Tethered Drones - Custom Military Micro to heavy lift Multirotor UAV's

PowerLine Tethered Drones / Flight Controller & UAV Tech

Job Overview:
-Setup & programming of flight controllers
-Involved in assembly of custom mulitrotors (sizes ranging from 10cm to 1900mm. Used in Military, Law enforcement & Surveillance.
-Programming & setup for custom UAV’s
-Test fly UAV’s after setup is complete
-Working with tethered power system


-Basic knowledge of flight controllers
-Basic UAV building skills (we help advance building skills on our UAV’s and systems)
-Hobbyist or fully experienced tech. We provide training for all PowerLine products.
We prefer that you are from the Midwest region although is not mandatory. The position is located in Northern Illinois USA.

Please send inquiries to the private messaging on this site. We can then switch to email and phones.

is ardupilot code not excluded from mil use?
if not i am out.

That’s not a permissable restriction under the license we offer ArduPilot
under. We can’t restrict our users that way.

That being said, we can restrict what “ArduPilot Developers” can do if
they want to go by that label. You can find that code of conduct here:

I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of our developers do not
want ArduPilot to be used to hurt people.

Hey Peter, thanks for the fast response.
I really have to think about that. Some years ago in another project some parts of code that i submitted was used to kill at least 3 people. I would not wish that feeling to my worst enemy.

What country are you based in?

me? I am based in Norway, but i travel a lot. Why?

Not you, the company looking for staff have forgotten to tell us which country they are in

i would guess usa? .

We are based in the USA.
Job ad modified.


Having experience with Ardupilot is helpful but not used in our org. We changed the language in our job ad.

Thank you,

Charles Spoto

NTP Inc can be reached by phone, fax, and e-mail.

Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014


Fax Number (815) 403-2548
24-Hour Cell / Int Charles Spoto 815-345-1931

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