NPNT api integration

hi, in india all drones should be NPNT compliant. NPNT (no permisssion no take off) there is a site for this ( so current problem is integrating NPNT api to firmware. i dont know anything about software.

all resources for upgrade
resources, api, tools:
NPNT test tool.

first the manufacturer (company or person) has to register on digitalsky ( with the chain certificate (dont know what that is, may be ssl), the drone has to be in a lock mode. once drone is activated after checking location through gps it can fly. there is UIN registration number and so on.

everything is in this doc from page 29.


some local manufactures has registered their drones which use pixhawk ardupilot.


I believe @bugobliterator is heavily involved in this. He might be able to provide you with some guidance.

@bugobliterator have you developed anything for NPNT integration

This isn’t exactly for arducopter. it can be a prearm check. it needs to be programmed on the mission planner software. I feel it is important to have it included on mission planner. We have done that. we will release an update on the mission planner soon.


hi, prem_sai is the development on mission planner is released.
are you are working on it. if it released please give me the link