Not sure if this is an Issue

Hello, I got my 3DR external compass yesterday and I installed

Changed the 5v to 3v on the compass, cut the line on the board for the on-board compass SDA and when I am at the HUD display of the mission planner and I move the external compass around the moves with the compass but if I keep the external compass still and move the APM left and right the hud also moves around, is this normal or did I miss something I am thru the docs over and over. When I mounted the apm and the compass on the frame and turn the quad to the left the compass goes left for a few degrees and then it started moving to right while compass is moving left, is this just a orientation and declination issue (I know I haven’t really spent time into tuning but I don’t want to start tuning it if what I described above is wrong)?

Also is it a good idea to mount the compass on valcro (I see it vibrates a bit) or must it be tight to the frame?

Kind regards

It’s normal.
Even without any compass, the HUD will move when you move the APM because the APM uses also the gyros and accelerometer for determining orientation.