Not showing horizon

I am not getting my full horizon in my video feed. I did make the y-cable so I could use the 915 and 5.8. Everything else seems to be working, I guess I can’t see home arrow, but not getting away from home so…

I did try disconnecting the 915 and not connected to the usb, and no difference. The Mission Planner shows all functions operating, and the horizon there works fine.

But the horizon on the video only has the hash marks on either side and the arrows at the midpoint, but no line that goes across, and no motion of the arrows on the hash marks.

This is minimOSD and 3DR APM 2.5. Also checked all the parameter settings and of those I was able to locate, the params were as suggested.

Turns out the OSD is bad, I bought another one for a different project and tried it before I did anything to it, and it works fine. I tired to reflash the one and it had no effect