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Not showing com6 feature in mission planner

(Thriveni) #1

Hello ,In the mission planner software ,it is not showing com6 port to connect arducopter.

(Michael Oborne) #2

the com port number is randomly assigned by windows.

(Thriveni) #3

i am not bothering about port number,the main problem is that ardupilot is not connecting with mission planner software

(Michael Oborne) #4

did you install MP from the MSI?

check device manager and see if the port exists?

(Thriveni) #5

yaa ,i have installed MP,device manager also have ports ,but it is not showing in the MP software

(Thriveni) #6

1)how to check whether APM is working or not?
2)it is showing in pop up block you are not connected to bebop2 wifi, while connecting mission planner and arducopter ,how can we resolve that?
3)how can we resolve problem in installing firmware into arducopter from mission planner?

(Thriveni) #7

(Thriveni) #8

sir,it is showing com port in mission planner as well as device manager,but after connecting mavlink its showing the error saying that the device connected to the system is not functioning properly,does it mean our APM is dead?
How can we resolve this?

(Michael Oborne) #9

sounds like a bad usb cable, or the usb port is not providing enough power

(Thriveni) #10

sir,once when i connected mission planner,arducopter,motors,power module to test motors lap got shutdown immediately when i connected battery to arducopter via power module.what it says sir?
sir,please provide any contact information.we are indeed in need and running short of time.please sir,we need immediate response.