Not receiving all the Telemetry data

I have a PixHawk 4, RX8R receiver and the Taranis X9D plus 2019.
Mission planner V1.3.77 and ArduCopter V4.3.2
Connected Pixhawk to Smart port of the RX8R receiver and on the Taranis did “Discover Sensors” on the telemetry page.
The only remote sensor that was discovered was the GPS position which gives the correct value.
In Mission Planner I have enabled the Battery Monitor 1 and it reads the correct voltage and current,
but the values (sensors) are not pulled through to the Taranis radio.
Am I missing something in Mission Planner?

Have you installed the yaapu telemetry script on the Taranis?
And followed the yaapu wiki?

No I have not installed the yaapu telermery script on Taranis, the way I understand it the scripts will only work on sensors that have been discovered on the Taranis (please correct me if I am wrong).
My problem is that the GPS is the only telemetry sensor data that I receive from the ardupliot
I was planning to install the LUA scripts on my Taranis once all the sensor data is shown on the telemetry page of my Taranis.
Not sure it the LUA script is the same as the yappu scripts.

I take it that ID 24 is my Taranis radio and ID 27 is my Arduplilot

Hope this picture looks better

No you dont need to discover all the sensors
Just follow the install and setup procedure

Thanks for the info.
I am still very new at this game.
Got it working